Sunday, December 14, 2008


For last one week; this name is so famous in city. A 15 year old Doc parent’s one and only son. He met with an accident and faced the brain dead.

The Parents understand his state couldn't be reverting. So they decided to donate as much as human possible organs. Finally, hithendran has cutted bisection and cross section for "HEART, LIVER, KIDNEYS, and EYES". They are doctors, so probably they matured enough, but to cut her own son in pieces is the highest ridiculous happening in a "mom's" life. But they deserved it for our INDIA.

Today morning, i read in newspaper; After reading about Hithendran, one 15 year old boy expressed his idea to his family for his own 45 year old brain dead beloved DAD. Here also multi organ harvesting has been done successfully.

At least you all people pls do go through this link to register for your organs. Even after your dead, you don't need to expect for another reincarnation cycle to see this world again. Your eyes can see this world yaar.